I'll Be Back Soon!

A lesson in life's unexpected turns.

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Many months ago, I wrote about the excitement of moving back to my home state of Florida. The sunshine warmed my heart after years spent in the frigid Chicago winters. I had a bright plan moving forward, but life takes its own turns without warning or explanation.

Life takes its own turns

Going back home was the best thing I could have done. I only planned to be in this transitional place for a couple of months before settling into my own rhythm in the thriving city of Lakeland, FL. It's been medicine to my heart to be close to family again, able to partake in my nephew growing up, mourn with family at the sudden loss of both grandparents, and meet new friends that have grown very close. Between multiple part-time jobs, months and months of searching for affordable housing, the same hurdles that drove me to leave Florida are still here and affecting progress. I've not been able to dedicate the time and passion I feel for preserving life and memories for others.


I'm making the very difficult decision to pause the candle-making portion of Fox Lens Studios. It turns out making candles in a garage in the Florida heat isn't as easy as I anticipated. I want to provide a quality product and feel like to do this I need to be patient. I have big dreams for Fox Lens Studios, and patience will be key. There are many factors at play here, and when the universe allows my stars to align, I will re-open this shop.

When the universe allows my stars to align, I will re-open

I will still be providing photography services around Polk County for the time being! Having just received my Part 107 Remote Pilot certification, I look forward to capturing life from a bird's eye view. This will be the focus of Fox Lens Studios while I work to build a studio and grow my roots wherever the world plants me.

I love and appreciate everyone who has helped me in this journey. I only wish to provide products that make you proud and look forward to building a foundation that allows me to do just that.

-Ciara Martin, Owner, Photographer, Chandler

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