The season of love is here! I wanted to do something special that included a scent still close to home. Enchanted Rose is an ode to Beauty and the Beast, and my brother! Him and his wife married in January of 2015 with the most beautiful Beauty and the Beast wedding. My favorite part was the book centerpieces! 

This fragrance has top notes of rose petals, mid notes of ozone and green leaves, and bottom notes of lily of the valley and ylang ylang. 


  • 100% Soy Wax
  • All Natural Cotton Wick
  • Hand-Poured in Morris, Il
  • Burn Time: 40-50hrs (6.5oz)

Enchanted Rose

  • Environmentally - Friendly! 

    Easy-Peel Label makes reusing this jar a breeze! 
    The candle is ready for recycling when wax is 1/4 in from the bottom. Follow these simple steps to clean the jars! 

    1. Boil a small pot of hot water
    2. Pull on wick to remove the adhesive sticker
    3. Pour water into candle, leaving some room on top 
    4. Wax will melt and rise to the top of the water 
    5. Wait for the water to cool and wax to harden 
    6. Use a spoon to break solidified wax 
    7. Remove wax and empty the water 
    8. Use a hair-dryer to soften any leftover wax 
    9. Wipe down with a paper towel
    10. Wash jar with soapy water

    Plant a succulent, use as a food container, store dry goods, or paint it!


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